100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?

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  • 100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?
  • 100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?
  • 100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?
  • 100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?
  • 100 Floors – Can you escape 100 doors?


The best floors and doors escaping games 😯😯

There are numerous doors and floors in this adventure escaping puzzle game; you need to escape the room one after the other until the last room escape. The main objective of 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors is to escape the room using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of doors and move to the next floor. You have to find anything that is available as a tool to open the doors. Each new level is a separate logic puzzle game that is becoming more and more complicated.
Can you flee away from the rooms & houses before it’s too late? Are you ready to solve mysterious lock problems by your brain-age power & speed?

Welcome to most popular 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors in the world! Our Incredible Weird Escape stories offering you a chance to find all solution of door unlock and enjoy 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors puzzle games! Use all your brain ability to open the doorway & Get all challenging levels sequel godsend. The ingenuity of the fear and unusual delight of black discovery madness had from everyone’s childhood. 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors Puzzle is gripping IQ teasers & wit quests contest. Purpose of this game is making strong your psychics, logic intelligence and cerebrum caliber. So, don’t wait for thinking, download the most enjoyable absconding series.
These 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors Puzzle is very interesting & adventure for kids, adults, boys & girls free with a lot of figure out levels. There are no instructions, assistance and no plot-lines. The key to beating at the isolate clues, gadget & elements present everywhere in the rooms and that challenges players to piece along refined clues, massages & metal to open the door ahead and so to proceed to gradual floors. Added lots of clever maze options: picwords legends, hidden objects, passwords loop, jigsaw, tiles, crosswords, times chess, slide pattern many more. All over, it has very interesting gameplay environments.

In brief, your to do list is search the clues and combining crack clues wisely to unlock the house and elevator tricky doors for trying to escape and rescue. Give attention to follow the map hints & go down subsequent apartment for next mission’s journey.

👇Mean features of escape the room: 👇

• It is a room escape game with hard puzzle with amazing thriller experiences.
• Each level is more difficult, unique and interesting from the previous level making it
absolutely best suitable
• Smooth Graphics & Super Animation gives real riddle experience!
• Melodious Sound quality & soft game control!
• It helps improving actual smarts cunning mind epic!
• Ameliorate you logical outsmart, outrun & break out all obstacle in real life!
• Each level surprises survival inventions!
• Make your Boring time too much Fun!
• These kind of escaping games always improve the problem solving skills.

A lot of unusual outmaneuver escape enigma seasons waiting for you and giving mind foods for your observations, faraway judgment, calculations, thinking, and agility enhance. Moreover, Star to play this game you can’t stop playing & don’t want to play other similar games! Download now & Cheers with whole family.

Download it now and play for free!! 😀😀😀
Prove you are 100 Floors- Can You Escape 100 Doors champion!!

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