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AppLock, powerful applocker and privacy guard, is powerful app lock app!

AppLock can lock Facebook, WhatsApps, Messenger, Contacts, Meassage, Gmail, Settings, Photo & Video apps and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access for you to ensure your security and keep your privacy safe!
AppLock has PIN & Pattern lock. Choose your favorite style to lock apps. Pattern lock is easier and faster to unlock. PIN lock has random keyboard. Much safer to lock apps. No more worry about people may peep the PIN or pattern! Ensure security!

Use AppLock to lock apps, encrypt private photos, secret videos, messages and more with the safest and most customized fun way. Get the smart applocker & privacy guard for your Android device and snoopers won’t disturb your privacy.
AppLock is a smarter applocker or privacy guard, which protect your phone privacy security, providing APP LOCK, PHOTO & VIDEO LOCK, FAKE COVER, INTRUDER SELFIE, THEMES and more privacy protection.

Did your girlfriend/boyfriend always check your messages, Facebook status or WhatsApp?
Did your friends accidently see your private photo or sensitive videos?
Did your workmates always borrow your phone to play game?
Did your children often mess up your phone data or change your phone setting?

With the help of AppLock, you will:
Never worry about private information in some apps read by someone
Never worry about your privacy with your phone checked by colleagues
Never worry about your friends borrow your phone to play games
Never worry about children change phone settings and mess up your data

————————MAIN FEATURES————————

Applock provides you with a strong and unique applocker letting you lock the most private apps. App Lock can lock Facebook, WhatsApps, Gallery Lock, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any you want to lock. Prevent unauthorized access and guard your privacy. Ensure security!

►Gallery & Video Locker
AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Keep your private files invisible from any intruders. No PIN or Pattern, no way to unlock gallery to see your private photo and sensitive videos.

►PIN & Pattern Lock
Choose your own way to lock apps by choosing the lock style between PIN and Pattern. Set 6 digits in AppLock to lock apps. Set the random digits as PIN keyboard. With PIN lock, your apps are overall protected. Set at least 3 dots as your pattern lock to unlock apps. You can hide pattern draw path and protect your secrete lock screen password from the snoopers, make it invisible! More safe to unlock apps.

►Fake Cover
Disguise your apps unlock screen to prevent from breaking into your password! Hide AppLock icon and name with different app icons!

►Intruder Selfie
Snaps photos of intruders who enters the wrong applock & lock screen password. No one can peep your phone privacy!

►Free Themes
Applock provides large quantities of attractive lock screen wallpapers and themes .They are so amazing and fantastic. You may apply new themes and lock screen wallpaper in “Theme Store” >“Themes” >”Apply”

-Lock apps with password & pattern
-Lock incoming calls
-Lock system settings to prevent kid from messing up phone data
-Lock Google Play to prevent buy games and unnecessary items
-Well designed themes
-Customized background, select your favorite theme to personalize app lock screen
-Customized profiles, set different locked app groups, change lock quickly
-Intruder selfie to catch snoopers
-Fakecover to hide applock icon and name
-Low battery consumption

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