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Music lovers all around love the sensation of sound waves travelling down their body!
Unlock the potential of your Android device and let it surprise you with the levels of bass, mids & highs that it can produce!
Install our latest Bass Booster app, plug in your headphones or Hi-Fi system for best results and experience sound as it’s meant to be heard all with just the push of a finger.
You control the sound of your audio or multimedia with just three sliders and fine tune your sound in real time thanks to our easy-to-use interface.

All without losing memory on your device and without paying a single penny.
Download and install the latest version of our Volume Booster and use our newly improved and excellent interface.

Advertising Policy:
We inform you that this app is free of charge, but in order to be able to continue our development, we use revenue-generating ads. When you click on ads displayed by Volume Booster, you will be redirected to a third-party web page. We may provide certain information to third parties hosting these pages, such as an email address, a phone number, and a list of other applications on your device.

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What new in version: 1.1.1!



5.100.5 Malta