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While the indie horror genre has struggled as of late, I still find myself browsing through it. Occasionally, I do find a little gem and this is one of those times. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a puzzle horror game that makes you feel uneasy at the best of times. This game set for a few Chapters by the looks of things. However, as we have already been blessed with chapter one by the developer, theMeatly, I couldn’t wait to let you guys know about it.

You play the part of an ex-animator. After you left your studio, your old partner and you parted ways. Now, many years later, you hear from him again. He wants you to return to the old studio. But, what you find there is disturbing indeed. What seems like an ordinary abandoned studio soon turns into a nightmare. But, what you definitely should not do is turn on that machine.

This is actually a guide only Bendy and the Ink Machine for the Bendy and the Ink Machine walkthrough of the guide game. I have useful information.

This is amazing for beginners and experts. This guide you to find the best experience of the game. Note – This is not a game! This is the only guide!

What new in version: 1.0!



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