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Bike New Haven is the official app of the New Haven Bike Share program. Checkout and return bikes interchangeably from stations conveniently located throughout New Haven. The high quality and stylish green bikes are a fun, convenient and healthy way to get around. They provide the most convenient option for your daily commute, errands around town, sightseeing, or just for fun!

Getting Started:

* Download the Bike New Haven app and register your user account.

* Receive a confirmation email to verify your profile.

* Add a credit card to your account and choose from a variety of subscriptions.

Renting a bicycle:

* Use the map to locate the closest available bicycle.

* Scan the QR code on the bicycle to unlock it and start exploring!

* You can pause your ride to make a quick stop and your bike will be reserved!

Returning a bicycle:

* When you are finished you can park your bike in a drop zone in your vicinity. These zones are visible in the Bike New Haven app.

* Attach the chain lock to a bike rack, press end and push the handle down manually to end your trip.

* You will receive a pop up with an overview of the cost and the duration of your ride. A receipt will be sent to your email address.

What new in version: 0.0.9!



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