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Panther man Super City Battle is a saga of superhero fighting games where you are not some ordinary hero fighter but a kungfu combat 2018 super fighter, action hero. You have the duty of taking revenge from the super villain and put an end to their harmful intentions. If all the superhero, female warrior, female heroine, super fighter and flying superheroes, teams up to form an elite unit of super heroes then definitely you can superkick the Grand Immortal Gods of terrorism and win this arena battle as a king fu fighter. The terrorist mafia is spreading all over the city, they have created a bank robbery crew which did a major crime robbery at Federal Reserve Bank. It was an impossible heist but the mafia made it possible by their evil tactics and plans. Their gritty crime saga is creating terror among the civilians black panther movie

Black Panther Super Hero is the crime fight between the protagonists and the antagonists. You have to become the superhero New York needs at this time of despair. You have to keep on fighting to survive this cyclone of crime and terror. It’s time to show your love interest for your city. Apart from doing superhero fight in the battlefield you have been also made a street champ. You have been given training of martial arts by the African protagonist, to save the civilians from the street fighting and robbery. Being a fight champion get the chance of some real action fight on the streets of New York City black panther cartoon

Being a Flying Action Hero you have the powers of a flying hero to do crime patrol over the city at night as well. When the superhero fly over the city for the protection of civilians then no chance is left for escape crime. Make sure no one is able to do fly hero city escape. The Bank of downtown is under the constant danger of heist. Recently an armored truck full of gold and money was stolen from the city at night. So their next target is to do a bank heist. Panther Super is the Heroes Battle to eliminate the outlaws and the Town Crime prevailing in the city. This has become a civil war which will end in the battle arena. The battle city is in need of your skills and valor for it becoming a survival city black panther man movie

Black Panther Man Super Hero gives you the chance of becoming the ultimate legend hero in this Gangster Crime Battle. You have to do just what is expected from a New York City superhero. Stop the grand city robbery from happening, Make counter attacks on gangster strike action, make sure there is no escape crime from the cop and end this crime battle by constantly patrolling the Crime City. Be an active part of the superhero fighting squad. There are a number of missions that you have to win to conquer this Grand Superhero Battle. This is a game of Hero Survival black panther game

Apply special strategical techniques.
Use your destructive weapon.
Develop unique abilities and triumph over evil.
Get on with exciting missions.
Interact with other superheroes.
Strengthen your power to combat your competitor.
Participate in thrilling quests and complete underworld war.

What new in version: 2.0!