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Do you know how “fresh” your food really is when you shop at the supermarket? How many miles have those vegetables and fruits traveled and how long they’ve been sitting in central warehouses before appearing on the shelves?

In giant industrial freezers, carrots can be in storage for up to 9 months, apples are waxed and stored up to a year, so are potatoes that are sprayed with sprout inhibitors for long term storage. All of them get labeled “fresh” when they hit the supermarkets.

You know farmers market is the best place to get fresh seasonal foods, but exactly which street corner is it again? And is it open now? Are the tomatoes picked this morning worth the hassle?

What if shopping at your local farmers market is as easy as picking up a snack from the corner store? What if you know exactly where to go, when they’re open, and nearby options on the days you shop?

If you live in California, CA Farmers Market is your best shopping companion:

— Over 700 farmers markets across the state of California

— Most updated market information for 2018

— Specified season, days and hours so you won’t rush to a market that is closed

— Discover nearby markets that you may not know existed, you lucky Californians!

— One tap navigation takes you right to the market

— From urban centers like Los Angeles to seaside villages like Shelter Cover, there’s a farmers market (usually more) in every town.

Getting farm fresh local foods that’s packed with flavors and vitamins is easier than ever with CA Farmers Market.

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