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Cell phone Tracker app helps you in tracking family and friends and shows you their location, name, area name, country name and carrier information. Phone tracker search numbers like truecaller. It keeps track of your family and friends and information about the recent visited places. Through cell tracker you can easily search whose calling in real time, identify unknown numbers, spam messages, spam id, spam callers and know their names and location.
Cell phone tracker helps you to track phone number over the world. You can easily track any phone number from USA navigation, Germany cell phone tracker, France cell phone finder, Italy callersmart, Pakistan phone number book and many other countries. When you want to track any phone number then use cell tracker app that show you the location (area, state, country), name of owner and service provider by locate any cell phone, mobile phone locate, location tracker, free track mobile, gps phone tracker, friends and family tracker.

Phone Locator:
Cell phone tracker track a Phone by number that allows you to track a phone through real-time location, using registered phone number. You can add trusted contacts and can share locations with them.

Route Finder:
User easily find route from current position to destination with one click. Route finder feature helps you to find distance and traveling time between your location to destination with shortest and easiest path available. This feature helps in navigation on maps so, travel around all over the world and enjoy navigation.

Near-by places:
Easily find near-by places around you like Banks, Bars, Petrol Stations, Hospitals, ATMs, Airports, Post Office, Mosques, Church’s, Movie Theater, Restaurant, Theater and Taxi stands.

Current location:
If you are travelling to world or you want to tell current location to your friends and family then, cell phone tracker is the best app for you. It also helps you if you lost your way and you want to know the current location.
Easily add your trusted contacts with whom you want to share your location or if you want to see their location.
Find your current location and find shortest route to destination
Search all near-by places
Free of cost application and enjoy all its features

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