Circuits – A Board Game for Chromecast

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  • Circuits - A Board Game for Chromecast
  • Circuits - A Board Game for Chromecast
  • Circuits - A Board Game for Chromecast
  • Circuits - A Board Game for Chromecast


* Chromecast
* 1-4 Players (each must have a smartphone with internet)

Build a circuit to provide power to the LED at the center of the board. But watch out your opponents are trying to build their own circuits. They can also prevent you from building yours by placing tiles in your way. The game provides an introduction to basic Boolean logic operators such as AND, OR, XOR, and NOT when used in electronic systems.

Run through the free multiplayer tutorial mode to get an understanding of the rules. Then, have fun in one of three different game modes: Puzzle, Turn-Based and Free-For-All.*

Puzzle mode presents you with a preset game board and inventory. Your objective is to use the tiles at your disposal to complete the circuit. Puzzle mode can be played single player or one vs. one.

In Turn-Based play each player has as much time as they want to take their turn. In Free-For-All, players place tiles as fast as possible. In both modes the objective is to accumulate as many points as possible. You earn points using micro-controller tiles or by completing the circuit.

Place tiles such as capacitors, inverters and micro-controllers and may the better circuit builder win!

*An in-app purchase is required to play Turn-Based and Free-For-All modes. Five easy puzzles are available for free and additional puzzle packs can be purchased.

What new in version: beta-2!




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