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Who are we?
We are CollegeMate. We are run by college students, and we are dedicated to providing better services to our fellows.

What are we doing?
BIG companies are busy with solving BIG problems and ignored our college student community. We are here using our abilities to solve small problems for our fellows. Have you ever had a hard time finding your classmates? Have you ever wanted to make friends with them? If yes, we are here for you. If no, keep reading.

Why classmates?
Your classmates, especially the ones taking the same major classes with you, have the highest potential to be your best friends. They are probably the same or similar major as you, have the similar interests with you, in the future will work in the similar industries with similar job titles with you. You will see those familiar faces frequently not only during college years but also in your careers. The world is small. It’s your loss for not making friends with those people who can help you with your study during school, and also can help you to get a better job in the future. Your classmates are cuter than you thought.

What do we have?
We have class schedules for your school and a chatting room for each class. In CollegeMate, you can ask your “dumb” questions 2 am in the morning to your classmates; you can see your classmate’s profile and make friends with them; you can create groups for your friends, projects, clubs, frats…

What do we have exactly?
Class Schedules

UC Berkeley (UCB)
UC Los Angeles (UCLA)
UC San Diego (UCSD)
UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)
UC Irvine (UCI)
UC Davis (UCD)
UC Santa Cruz (UCSC)
UC Riverside (UCR)

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly)
San Jose State (SJSU)
San Diego State (SDSU)
Long Beach State (CSULB)
Chico State (CSU Chico)
Sacramento State (CSUS)

Unique Chatting Features

If you choose to chat anonymously, nobody will know who you are.

You can comment on any messages and focus on the topic.

If you sent a message by mistake, you could recall your message within 5 minutes once it’s sent.

You can “Like” and “Dislike” a message. If a message has received more than 10% of “Dislike” votes from the chatting room, it will be permanently deleted from existence.

We do not save your chatting history, period.

That’s not enough? Keep reading.

What don’t we have?
Our app is one week old; we don’t have a huge user base or a complete set of features at this moment. We will keep on running our campaign to attract more users, and keep on adding exciting features that are specifically designed for you. If you like our app and our vision, please help us and help you to spread.

What new in version: 1.0.1!