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❤ Document Manager & Viewer ❤

Free app to manage Document Files. Direct List of Documents available in mobile storage. Manage Documents, Filter or Short Document Files.

Document Manager and viewer is one of the best & first application in market to get list of all documents available in you android smart phones and tablets at single place. So, you don’t need to search for any document in to your smart phone.

Document Management in your mobile. Shortlist xls, pdf, doc, txt files in your mobile. In this app manage PDF, Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents at one place.

Document Manager & Viewer app features:

☛ Get list of all documents available in your smart phone at single place.
☛ Search any document from the list.
☛ Categorize these lists of documents in to PDF Files, Text Documents, Word, Excel,
☛ You can read & manage any document any time anywhere.
☛ Easily delete & share Bunch of documents.

Document Manager & Viewer also known as Txt manager, text files manager,xls files manager
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