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duck tale adventure is a platform video game adapted from the animated series of the same name. The game, developed by div18 was first released in the United States on NES in 1989.

duck tale Adventure is a very interesting pass to upgrade the game, the ultimate goal is the search for legendary treasures, the rules of the game are very simple, just click on the screen to eat fruit and avoid obstacles.
The player is looking for legendary treasures, through 5 levels scrolling horizontally, each representing a region of the can move, jump and use his cane to send shots on his opponents or to rebound during a jump to reach a greater height.

Throughout the adventure, we cross many characters

In addition to many small enemies (insects, animals, ghosts …), the player must face opponents

The levels are also places of the television series, known for their legendary treasures.

The Amazone: a level through the Amazone rainforested, to a Toltec temple.
Transylvaniase: a labyrinth in the corridors of a haunt castl in Transylvaniase.
African Mines: The endless galleries of a diamond mine in South Africa.
The Himalaye: the ascent of a peak of the Himalayas and the crossing of an ice caving.
The Moon: A giant alien ship, on the surface of the Moon. This level is inspired by the episode Where a duck never wented.

When these 5 levels are complete, the player is sent back to the Transylvania level, where he must walk a different path to find and face the ultimat boss.

Each of these levels can be done in any order. To reach the boss of African Mines, a key, which one finds in Transylvania, is however necessary.

In addition to these 5 legendary treasures, there are 2 hidden treasures (in the African Mines and The Moon levels). It is possible to obtain an alternative end if you collect all these treasures and more than $ 10,000,000 of wealth at the end of the game.

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What new in version: 1.3!