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Educational games for kids is an entertaining application full of incredible mini games where children learn and have fun.

Welcome to the wonderful world of educational games for children, the little ones have fun and at the same time they learn with all the games of the park.
Educational games for children is what you were looking for!

The children learn addition, subtraction, recycling, geometric shapes, measurement systems, animals, vegetables, fruits and also develop their memory with the different scenarios of the park:

• Numbers game: Use the joystick of the console to move the sight and shoot the correct result! This fun mini game teaches numbers and operations, developing mathematical skills in children.

• Game of Forms: Place the missing pieces in the train! build the helicopter and build the house with the different geometric shapes, this is a fun and super entertaining mini game where the kids develop their creativity.

• Count game: The fun is assured with Mikel in the ups and downs, adds weight to raise and lower the fun Mikel and equalize his weight.

• Memory game: Find two identical images in the memory game and discover all the available images, here the memory is developed and the agility of the children is improved with fun images.

• puzzle game: Slide the image and place the correct way to assemble the different fruits and vegetables that are in this attraction, but hurry that the time is running! The goal of this mini game is to develop response skills and mental agility in children.

• Colors game: Collect the balls of the indicated color! Colors is a fun mini game full of joy and creativity where the little ones learn a great variety of colors and endless entertainment.

• Recycling game: recycling was never so fun! In this mini game children learn the meaning of recycling and manage to differentiate the classification of garbage, placing it in the correct container but in a fun way.

• Animal game: where is the cow? The animal farm is huge! In this mini game you must find the right animal to return it to his home, the little ones learn to differentiate between a large number of animals.

Enjoy the fun sounds and incredible music of the mini games!
All controls are made for children, easy to use and very intuitive, your fun is assured.

Explore the incredible world of educational games for kids and that the learning and the fun never ends!

What new in version: 1.0.2!