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  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB
  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB
  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB
  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB
  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB
  • Ex Faucets LTC - Litecoin FAUCETHUB


Warning: The withdrawals are made through FAUCET HUB! We have no other option at the moment.

Crypto-currencies have become increasingly popular in these years. But it is not always possible to get into this new universe with few resources at hand.
In order to facilitate entry into this new market, the Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin application was created.

It comes with simple methods, such as solving arithmetic problems, for a person to quickly get their crypto-currencies.
You do not need in-depth knowledge in the market or keep track of graphs that change from minute to minute.

Using the Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin daily you can maximize your bonuses by using the withdrawals feature every 30 minutes.

Due to the rapid changes in crypto-currency values, the Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin application has its own internal currency. This currency, called Wbits, has its value adjusted according to the market indexes, thus facilitating the administration of these resources by people.

Like the current crypto-currencies, it is represented by 8 decimal places, or better exemplified, 1 Wbit is equivalent to 1.00000000 …

Upon reaching the amount of 0.00060000 Wbits, you can make a withdrawal. This draw is currently done by converting Wbits into Litecoin fractions.

Litecoin fractions are typically used for small transactions.

With these Litecoin fractions, you can make transfers to your registered account at portfolio management sites such as FAUCET HUB.

In the future, more managers and crypto-currencies will be added for withdrawals.

The quotation of Wbits into fractions of Litecoin is located in the Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin application information menu.


– To use the application you need to be connected to the internet;
– To make withdrawals is necessary to have account in FAUCET HUB (soon more managers);
– Altering your application’s functioning, in any way, may result in termination of your account and loss of Wbits that have not yet been converted.
– We do not have partnerships to carry out or intermediary withdrawals.
– The application is for your personal experience, do not share your login or use of other people. You can be banned for this.


Make sure the use of crypto-currencies is legal in your country before downloading or using the Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin. By using and downloading Ex Faucets LTC – Litecoin, you agree that you are solely responsible for any legal problems you may have in your area. We are not responsible for such problems.


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