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  • Geenees - Wish List & Gifting
  • Geenees - Wish List & Gifting
  • Geenees - Wish List & Gifting
  • Geenees - Wish List & Gifting


Geenees is the new social media for wish list gifting. Connect with your friends and family on the app to give and get the perfect gift – always!

Stop giving emotionless gift cards or impersonal gifts. Use the Geenees app to create wish lists, store and exchange gift ideas with family and friends, and buy perfect gifts from Amazon in seconds. Never go wrong with gifting again!

IMPORTANT: Currently only,, and stores supported!!!

With Geenees, you can:

* Know what your friends want as a gift
* Save products into custom lists
* Organize for events better (birthdays, anniversaries, wedding , baby showers and more)
* Create wish lists for children, holidays and special events like wedding registry
* Receive reminders to ensure you don’t miss another occasion
* Search and save products from Amazon
* Get the gift you have been wishing for
* Never get the same gift twice

In the future, you will be able to:

* Receive gifting ideas based on your interest
* Access free gifting guides
* Pitch in with a group to make a friend’s wish come true
* Filter products by price, color, type or brand
* Customize your event wish lists & invite others

Geenees is like a universal wish list for you and your circle. We won’t let you forget an important occasion ever or fall back on giving a general gift card loved ones. Give them exactly what they want and create moments that last forever.

Gifting can be simple, social and fun. Download our free app for your Android device today and make gift shopping easier for everyone.

Want to make Geenees even better for you? Feel free to email us on

What new in version: 1.0.1!




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