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PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight is a preschool app where kids can help the six PAW Patrol pups test out their new air patroller suits by flying through 30 levels across three different locations. This kids’ app is based on the popular Nick Jr. TV show called “PAW Patrol.”
PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight is an encouraging and forgiving game for kids who are still developing their fine motor control. Instead of penalizing kids for bumping into an obstacle, this kids’ app offers gentle verbal reminders to get back on track. Players can take as long as they like to trace a shape. Younger kids will enjoy simply guiding the pup to the end of the level, while older kids can challenge themselves by trying to pick up the most treats.

The patrol game PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight, is great for children to play, in addition to train the children’s memory of this racing game and train the children to understand the names of the animals.
Children have the choice between different puppies as my ally of the mission then they hit the skies air patroller by collecting puppy treats and their mission object by overcoming all the obstacles encountered. This game is committed with a capital E. At first the players do not prefer this paw flight game, but with time it gets used! I think this is due to the rather simple and repetitive actions that are all carried out within each mission.

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