Gummy Bear And Friends – Speed Racing Car


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  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car
  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car
  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car
  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car
  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car
  • Gummy Bear And Friends - Speed Racing Car


Do you like the super Gummy Bear Video and song (Gummibär And Friend song)? Try to control your favorite cartoon friend and race to the finish line!

Face the challenges of unique Gummy Bear Climber environments with many different cars.
Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.
Watch out though – Gummy bear’s stout neck is not what it used to be when he was a kid! And his good old gasoline crematorium will easily run out of fuel.

Enjoy fun soundtrack and funny cartoon events while you race through one of these mysterious Gummy Bear worlds!
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Currently The Gummy Bear has launched a new series of episodes called GummyBear The original 30 second video for Itt Van A Gumimaci, the Hungarian version of I Am A Gummy Bear, debuted on the internet in August of 2006. It quickly went viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of views as the popularity of this catchy song and funny character increased and spread by word of mouth. A 30 second English version was then created which helped to increase the clip’s popularity and views rocketed up into the millions.
By the summer of 2007, the final full length 2.30 version was released and it has been gaining views and viewers ever since.

Gummy Bear Racing Features:
• New design!
• High Graphics Quality!
• Fun game play, Cute animal racer
• 4 different racetracks
• 3 game modes
• A very fun game system
• You need to collect coins to increase the speed of the car.
• Easy controls just tap and tap
• Many different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles for Gummy Bear)


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Our application is an unofficial talking gummy bears games , this is just for fans purpose only, it is not authorized or created by the original creator.

What new in version: 1.2!