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The magnificent simulator with advanced game physics of fall flat down and full freedom of action of Human story: Fall Flat welcomes you! In this world you and your human will be limited to nothing – either time, or a framework of strictly game scenario. Everything that from you it is required – to solve a fascinating physical puzzle, using the imagination and attentiveness, climbing up different flats and fall from them down, but the most important try to not fall flat this interesting test for cheerful human! Game Human story: Fall Flat in turn will send you to the amazing world of dreams, interactive flats and dizzy falling where it you and your friends will have fun, fall flat down, to interact with flats and mechanisms and also to solve fascinating physical puzzles. At the same time you together with friends turn into amusing human who so like to break everything, to climb up flats and to fall flat from them down! You fall in love with this game at first sight!

As in the game Human story: Fall Flat is absent the scenario, we give you an opportunity to have fun without restrictions in the world of a game. Solving various cunning physical puzzles, you should interact with various game flats, sometimes to fall flat down, to clamber on ropes and ladders and also to activate various mechanisms, the hidden panels and unique surfaces, and then to try to understand how your actions have affected the huge puzzle blocking you a way to an exit from level. Having opened a treasured door at the end of level, you together with human friends right there will fall flat to a starting surface of other level where you will be able to continue the fun! Any human fall flat down looks very funny!

Thanks to excellently worked physical engine of a game, in Human story simulator: Fall Flat any flat has strictly set physical properties and ways of interactive interaction with other game flats and humans. If your human tries to break the hammer of glass or a wooden box, then flats of these objects will behave as well as in the real world! If human fall a stone down, then that will jump aside from a flat and will sweep in a certain direction. Therefore, solving a physical puzzle, be not afraid to break all glasses, by means of hammers, sticks or other human, the solution of the huge puzzle which is at the level can be behind any inconspicuous flat!

Experiment and think unconventionally, only in this case your unique hero human won’t fall flat and will solve a smart puzzle in the multiuser mode of a game! Operate a catapult and start friends human in flight! Get up on edge of a flat, fall, take friends by hand and, holding a rope, fall flat down! Sweep on a windmill, and then climb on a stone flat on top of a medieval tower! Safely experiment, and then physics of the world of Human story: Fall Flat will obey you. Also remember, any human fall flat down looks very funny!

What new in version: 1.0!



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