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Want to Learn How to Play Basic Lacrosse!
Get A complete guide to understanding the game of Lacrosse.

The game of lacrosse requires certain skills that will help a player handle a lacrosse ball effectively, ultimately providing the opportunity for a shot or goal.
These basic ball skills include scooping, passing, catching, cradling and shooting. Lacrosse is also a very physical sport and requires an understanding of checking and dodging techniques.
Practicing and mastering these basic skills will make for a more rewarding playing experience.

Beginner Lacrosse is focused on providing free lacrosse information on shooting, dodging, drills, passing, catching, defense & much more.
Like most sports, it’s important to understand the basics when first starting out. Here are best tips for lacrosse beginners, outlining some of the essential skills of the game.

Lacrosse has many similarities to both basketball and hockey. Simply put, the lacrosse team that ends the game with the most goals wins.
A game clock dictates the length of the game, and scoring goals is the sole determiner of who wins and who loses. This application offers a few of the technical essentials that you need to know to better understand the game.

These beginner & intermediate lacrosse drills will help to improve their overall lacrosse skills.
Learn how to play lacrosse or improve skills you already have with help from professional in these appllication videos.

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