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  • LeaguePals - The Future Of League Bowling
  • LeaguePals - The Future Of League Bowling
  • LeaguePals - The Future Of League Bowling
  • LeaguePals - The Future Of League Bowling
  • LeaguePals - The Future Of League Bowling


LeaguePals is designed for bowlers and centers to modernize your league experience. For the first time, pay league dues online, join virtual and bowling leagues near you, interact with the industry’s first cloud scoring, and streamline all league tasks with our cloud league management platform.

It started on a frustrated tuesday night of bowling at the end of which our League Secretary waived the envelope at us …”Anything tonight?” and further frustration ensued. It wasn’t that we did not want to pay, it just became a nuisance to keep track of dues manually, take additional trips to the bank to withdraw cash, and to stuff the envelope. We had enough and thought “there has to be a better way…” it was in that moment, the Leaguepals light bulb turned on.

LeaguePals is dedicated to helping bowlers and bowling centers achieve a better league experience through the application of technology.

Everyone has their own vision of where bowling should be, rather than helping the sport of bowling RIGHT NOW! LeaguePals was designed to grow league bowling by eliminating hindrances that stunt center’s growth, and providing a more relevant experience for bowlers.

Growth is now a more achievable goal with these revolutionary league tools:

Online Payments & Automatic Accounting – Money envelopes are time consuming, hard to read, and full of errors. Our “Digital Envelope” makes league accounting instant, accurate, and secure with online and cash payments recorded in the cloud.

Cloud Scoring – The first bowling league platform hosted in the cloud. Scores are stored, standings are calculated, and all are accessible anytime from any device.

Stats and Standings – No more waiting until league night or navigating multiple websites to view PDF documents. Interactive standings and score sheets are available anytime in our app.

Push Notifications – Stay up to date with your league and center. Receive standings updates, schedule changes, league updates, and center specials or announcements straight to your phone.

Virtual Leagues – Use your league scores to win cash! Compete in nationwide singles competitions for huge guaranteed cash prizes. Already $250,000 in cash prizes awarded.

Automatic Prize Fund Payouts – Receive prize winnings by direct deposit or check.

Security – We take security very seriously. All information is encrypted and stored in the cloud, we process payments at the highest level of security, and all funds are stored in federally compliant FDIC insured bank accounts. Never lose your prize funds or data again!

Featured In:

International Bowling Industry Magazine (IBI Mag) – https://issuu.com/internationalbowlingindustry/docs/ibi_complete_feb16_issue_final/20

Bowler’s Journal International Magazine (BJI Mag)

Bowling Center Manager Magazine (BCM Mag)

Partnered with the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) to promote “A Future For The Sport”

You can always reach us by Live Chat from the settings area in app, or email us at support@leaguepals.com

Download the LeaguePals app and modernize your league experience today!

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