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You’re one step away from frantic action-packed

Welcome to Metal Dee this is the best game for fans of the shot game ..
Return to childhood with a classic title will drive you crazy for so many hours.
In this game you will play the role of a soldier and you will have to overcome dangers and drawbacks to win all the enemies who possess numerous skills ..
You can use many weapons such as guns, machine guns, bombs, rifles and much more.
Return to childhood with a classic gameplay that will drive you crazy!
In this classic game you will incarnate in the man to fight the metal and the soldier and attacker oriented gun overcome the dangers and inconvenience to destroy enemies and win.
The terrorist army is on the rise again and crosses your plans to finally take a day off. And once again the metal commander has to save the world. Collect weapons and power-ups, such as grenades and taps using the quick finger controls to crush all enemies! Armed and equipped with a parachute, the hero must move towards the battlefield and makes road ramboluns through abandon cities, jungles, forests and enemy aircraft.

Game features:

– Similar character
– A lot of enemies to fight ..
– Classic weapon designs
– Incredible gameplay
– Colored graphics
– Lots of enemies, tanks, planes
– Classic gameplay with modern playback capability
– Free play for all ages

Download the soldier’s gun and let’s start shooting

What new in version: 1.0.9!