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  • Music Tube MP3 Player free
  • Music Tube MP3 Player free
  • Music Tube MP3 Player free


Top and trending music available for you ,Create your own Playlists, Add songs and tracks to it, manage your music library.
If you like music , Download Music tube mp3 player for new and good music experience , Eye catching and very elegant design, Rich content, Unlimited access to your music for fre,
Have control over the music, With notification control and headset buttons, You can play/pause or choose another music to play easily.

You can also search for you favorite musics and artist or albums, Tap the search button and get filtred result from your device,Download this app if you like to share music to social media.
Free music and tracks by Artist,tracks,genres,albums,Artist, drum, Dubstep, Pop, Rap and all instruments and genres
Play music in background while you do something else and control it from notifications or headset.

Tube music player mp3 free is a legal and compliant 3rd-party API client that lets you play music & videos from YouTube & MP3s all within one app! (This is NOT a MP3 / video downloader app)
this app uses powerful third-party free music player client for SoundCloud®. You can listen free mp3 & free song freely without subscription limit.

– Quick search local songs by songs, ablums, playlists,artists.
– Search music ,Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, folders, playlists.
– New Design, with nice colors combination
– Create and edit your playlist.
– Play music in background while you do something else
– Supports all audio formats

All online FreeMusic are provided by SoundCloud API complying with use terms.
Free Music unable to play offline except local music.
SoundCloud® native client:
NOTE: This is NOT a music downloader app for free music download.

What new in version: 1.1!



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