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Myopolis is the highly anticipated platform that puts you in control of your social media updates that you don’t want to miss out on!

Love your uncle’s pets but can’t stand his politics? Now you can simply filter out his political posts and enjoy all his other topics. There are 20 filter categories that give you total control of what you want to see and what you don’t. You can custom filter by each person you’re connected with or even altogether throughout your Myopolis world. Research has shown social media posts tend to make people feel unhappy, but with Myopolis, you can easily filter those negative, dreadful posts and be lifted up while you have fun exploring your world!

Be the leader in any category locally, regionally and even nationally. Myopolis empowers every user (“Citizen”) to post about what they care about and to earn recognition as a leader in those categories. Interacting with and being recognized for what you truly care about makes social media fun again. See how you rank and earn points with every post. Easily meet and follow new leaders in categories you’re passionate about, and increase your influence by climbing the Myopolis leaderboard!

With each post (“Ping”) you can choose to enable voting or just allow people to like it (deem it “Pingworthy”). Myopolis also makes commenting more engaging with audio comments, so let your voice be heard!

Myopolis makes your virtual world geographic with its unique map view. See what’s going on around town or anywhere you choose to go in North America. You can view your map by filter, too! If you want to see only local or national sports posts, simply filter your map by sports. Interested in only your favorite team? Our map feature is searchable by tags and name, allowing you to always stay current with your favorite team, topic or person, whether close to home or anywhere around North America!

Enjoy private one-on-one and group chat. Choose to Ping publicly or privately to your family and friends. Meet and follow (join the “Citizenship” of) like-minded people locally, regionally and nationally. Take control of your world with Myopolis! Download now.

What new in version: 1.0.8!




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