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Reverse Phone Lookups

Over 34,602,616 phone numbers searched!

Over 2,098,729 comments submitted!

NumberGuru is the most awesome caller ID and reverse phone lookup service you’ve ever seen (probably).

Are you getting calls from unknown numbers? Getting bothered by pesky debt collectors, annoying telemarketers or vicious scam artists? With NumberGuru, one may instantly find out who’s calling so that they don’t have to worry about future calls.

NumberGuru’s phone number reports may include the possible owner, location of the caller, the phone carrier, spam scores, the type of caller and more. You can also share your comments so that others are warned about these unwanted calls. We’re all in this together, right?

To get started, download our app and search a phone number!

App Features:


Wondering who keeps texting your significant other every night? Want to know who left that annoying message at 6 in the morning? Search a number in our reverse phone directory and let the NumberGuru help. With NumberGuru, you may see where the number is located, who the owner might be, whether it is a landline or cell phone and if it is a spammer. Plus, you can leave comments to alert others whether someone is a telemarketer, scammer or prankster. Once you search NumberGuru, it will become your first stop for unknown cell phone numbers, texts and landline calls.

Spam Identification (Beta Feature)

Free yourself from pesky telemarketers & avoid phone scams. Never take an unwanted call again. With the NumberGuru spam identification (Spam ID) feature we will let you know when we have identified a spam call right within your native Android phone app!

Simply download the NumberGuru caller ID and reverse phone app, open it up and start searching! What are you waiting for? Start using it today!

What new in version: 1.0.4!




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