Onet Pikachu Animal 1998

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  • Onet Pikachu Animal 1998


Classic version best!
Pikachu Classic free is the first matching game for PC in 1998. Now it available on Mobile and total FREE!
The legendary Pikachu is a simple but addicting double-solving puzzle game or matching game with a fresh play style.
This Pikachu game has been revived on Android devices with a very attractive and completely free game.
If you like connecting games / matches, pet games, onet, paopao, affiliate links, then you will love to play Pet for free.

✓ The main objective of this game is to eliminate all the brick icons.
✓ Connect two images together with up to 3 links to make them disappear.
✓ Click the tile icon to select it, us animals, pikachu connect animal
✓ animals crazy racing game,animal meme,onet link
✓ juego de animales para, pikachu connect animal, pikagon
✓ Each game starts with 10 live (classic mode) and 18 live (extend mode), when no pair can be eaten, the beast will change position and live off 1, calculate live not reduced to 0 🙂
✓ Destroy 2 animals of the same type that can be joined within 3 lines.
✓ gameover when time runs out or live = 0.
✓ Remove all animals before time up.

Onet Pikachu Animals:
★ 2 game modes: Easy and Hard.
★ Level of challenge, puppy love trainer
★ The level of difficulty increases with each level, pikachu girl
★ Challenge your eye count and your ability to calculate, pikachu go
★ Save and Continue Game.

This is a simple, easy-to-play game for all ages, with familiar graphics, animal meme, legendary power-ups and curved coaches, popular games of almost all ages and We especially enjoy the classic Pikachu.
Let’s play Onet Pikachu Animal 1998. Get it on ChPlay.

What new in version: Onet!



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