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The gang of cheerful beasts and humans wait for you on our ring of Party the gang of beasts where you should pass fascinating test, to solve a physical puzzle and to win against gang of the opponent on the fighting arena! Party the gang of beasts is the dizzy and infinite action happening on various unique fighting arenas where have without stopping fun, fight and the whole gangs of gelatinous beasts and various humans run one after another. The only purpose of a game is to get as much as possible positive emotions and laughter and also to overcome gang of enemy beasts and to subdue the flat of the arena! You will come out the winner from fight, or fall flat!

In the fighting simulator Party the gang of beasts you should become a dangerous, but funny small beast who is a participant of the unique gang which is constantly battling on a flat to the fighting arena. Thanks to advanced Ragdoll-physics your favourite gelatinous human and beasts look very ridiculously, and their actions will hang up you with all the heart. Each beast from your gang can interact with any game flat and other beasts and human who are on the arena. Take a stick or a rope in hand and by means of own dexterity dump from the arena fall flat down all enemy gang of gelatinous humans and beasts. To watch the beasts and humans fall from a flat very cheerfully!

But be careful during fight of artful traps and sudden destruction of flats, thanks to an advanced physical engine of a game and also entertaining Ragdoll-physics any beasts or humans from gang, can bring fall flat down your fragile fighting arena. Any game flats in Party the gang of beasts has accurate physical properties and can be destroyed by your beasts or human from gang for receiving a bigger pleasure! Fall with gang beasts down, it is so fascinating!

Deceive gang of enemy beasts and dump them fall flat down on a surface of a dangerous trap! Fall from ropes, bridges and mountain ledges on the rotating fan down to deceive enemy gang beasts and to force them to fall flat! Form a gang in a body of the truck and win against all beasts of the opponent by means of sticks and amusing Ragdoll-physics! Sweep in a ladle of the huge escalator and force enemy beasts to run away from the fighting arena! Just fall from various flats down, create unique gang from beasts and humans, battle and have fun together with the company of friends and also solve difficult physical puzzles of the game Party the gang of beasts which we have thought up especially for your small beasts! The fighting triumph of your gang beasts begins right now!

What new in version: 1.0!



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