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puppy dog pals amazing world of pirates is a new Adventure puppy dog pals game in which you can. In which you can spend time searching the treasure with your friend.
Game’s story: after a failed sailing, the sea throws our hero in a big Island of puppy dog pals pirates you need to keep yourself a live and safe from the coming dangers in the same time you need to find your lost map’s treasure . This story is from our imagination and it has no relation with pirate of the cartoon.
Our Exciting Adventure game puppy dog pals Amazing puppy dog World is free so don’t hesitated to try it. You will find a lot of items in this game puppy dog pals will help you to finish beat the enemies and finish your adventure easily

you need to develop your run and puppy dog bingo and rolly to be able help puppy dog pals and you should collect coin to buy items and diamonds to open next levels and don’t forget that you don’t have much time to hesitate so let’s take part of your time and do it faster with puppy dog pals .

This running puppy dog game belongs to puppy dog pals face quest game
Our funny game puppy dog pals wonderful Adventure is free so don’t hesitated to try it . you have items in this game will help you a super strawberry to make her big and the super green candy can make her shoot a fire balls on the monstres that will face you in your jungle adventure and they are a lot of other amazing Abilities

How to play : is very easy you need just to tap buttons on your phone’s screen
B: run and shoot fire
this can make you finish your great and running adventure without difficulties , so don’t hesitated to help the good powerful puppy dog pals to find her way
Features :
-wonderful design and beautiful view of worlds
– Running and jumping and swimming
-you have multi worlds and a lot of levels
-beautiful view of the jungle puppy dog pals
-Different level worlds and levels (Garden, jungle, desert, underworld)
– nice songs
– Free and without Wi-Fi or internet

puppy dog pals World of Pirates is a new game created by Yogataga Games and it’s just a fan art. for further information don’t hesitated to contact us enjoy your puppy dog adventure.

What new in version: 1.0!




sam cress