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  • Real Call Guava Juice - prank


Need your associates think you get basic calls notwithstanding all that you slant toward them over VIPs Like President or diverse huge names?

An imposter guest makes you pick a visitor from your contact list or enter another contact. One can in like manner pick a chance to call and set up some fraud calls for different conditions.

“Record your voice” incorporate empowers you to record a false visitor’s voice. This voice recording can be played thusly when you will get a call.

How might it work:

1. Select You have to reenact: Fake call or imposter SMS.

2. Set Name, phone and photography.

3. Record your voice: Sounds can be played thusly when you get a call.

4. Form your own particular SMS Messages for Fake visit.

5. Select concede time to get imposter or fraud SMS calls.

6. Mislead colleagues !!!

Why use our Fake Call trap application?

1. Counterfeit Call free. It will constantly be free.

2. You can impact Fake SMS to talk and cheat your friends.

3. You can make fake calls all you require and get fake SMS.

4. Counterfeit Call and SMS False works even separated moreover.

5. We will invigorate the application routinely.

What new in version: 1.0!