Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke


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  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke
  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke
  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke
  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke
  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke
  • Shinobi Runato Shippuden v Ninja Sazuke


Runato and Sazuke were once brothers in ninja hood, but conflict between them and their enemies has torn them apart, as they now set on their own journey to become the number one ninja. Through intense training in various martial arts, such as taekwondo, kickboxing, kungfu, karate, ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, and shinobi sacred martial arts, and many more.

Runato trained in the hidden leaf shippuden ninja village under master Jiraia where he gained the ability to control sage chakra, create chakra energy bombs, use tailed-beast powers, and master multiple forms of ninja arts. With his newfound powers, he also encountered new enemies, including pain and suffering. Will Runato triumph and become a master ninja?

Meanwhile, Sazuke trained with the Akatsui, a group of exiled master ninjas, and his brother Itakhi where he was able to learn to control lighting and transform it into the lighting blade and mastered the powers of his eyes, the Sharigan. Through his journey, he became stronger than ever as he defeated enemy after enemy and gained powers rivaling the greatest master ninjas.

But the great enemy will not stand and do nothing while they grow. The great enemy has summoned Kaguya, first master ninja, to fight them. Runato and Sazuke must band together to defeat this great evil and prove why they are the ancestors of Naruto and Sasuke and their friend, Sakura. Also Naruto’s child, the Boruto.

Play as Runato or Sazuke in their great journey to becoming the number one master ninja!

Can you master their powers and become the ninja master of 2018 and beyond?!

– IMPRESSIVE 2D graphics
– TWO epic campaigns featuring the journey of Runato and Sazuke
– THREE incredible forms for each Runato and Sazuke
– DOZENS of powerful enemies, each with their own special powers
– AMAZING moves to defeat your enemies
– BEST Runato ninja game of 2018!

Become the master ninja and defeat your enemies with style as you employ a variety of ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninja tools! Can you complete the ninja way?!

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What new in version: 1.01!