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Speed ​​radar application is an application for entertainment and fun as it is to make your phone look like a radar detector speed.
The application is characterized by several features, including that it is easy to use and works on most phones.
Application Features
A wonderful application is for entertainment and fun among your friends to make them believe that you have your speed radar police.
When you open the application you will ask what you have a light car or Camillo.
After that is running the mobile people of cameras trump speed radar.
Radars fixed and mobile france free and easy for jok

* Radar simulator speed camera applications
* The application works without Internet and user-friendly
* Detector of radar through possible Wakhed images of speed and HTH random speed. As we mentioned the application for fun
* Application by the simplicity of possible work and to share with friends.
* Fixed speed and mobile france free
* Swiss fixed and mobile radars
* Mobile radar v2
* This application not do the role of speed camera radar
* This application does not work mobile mobile radar
* Speed ​​camera radar and speed radar simulator free
* Police radar detector and fun application
He can do this application to make a good joke with friends.
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Police radar detector and for joke with your family or friends.

What new in version: 1.0!