Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero

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  • Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero
  • Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero
  • Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero
  • Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero
  • Stick Game 2018: The Fight & SuperHero


Welcome to the amazing game stick fight the game.
Stick man: The Fight- is taken into account the simplest two-dimensional ragdoll game on survival, wherever the characters – Stickman unceasingly fight with one another till the terrible finish. Push, hurl and break your characters and enemy heroes during a type of forms of atmosphere and with realistic physics! you’ve got to clash within the battle arena with a spread of enemies United Nations agency need to destroy you at any price. don’t expect mercy, pity or procrastination from them, as a result of the which means of the existence of all of your enemies is associate degree endless battle for the correct to call yourself the best individual within the arena! thus show all of your wit, lightness, and speed of reaction during this epic battle!

Become the strongest stickman.
Dodge and make your own combinations of blows to eliminate the other players.
You have to travel through several many battles and laborious trials before you get the total title of the best individual of the globe Stickman! And to realize this goal, you’ll facilitate all of your favorite characters – a cup head, a designer, a lightning bolt associate degreed an assassin, collected during this insane place so as to create your life within the arena easier. So, rather, plunge into this frightful humorous meat grinder, from that you and your Stickman area unit merely obligated to emerge victoriously.
Fight in the most epic battles you have ever seen.
Collect the varieties of weapons to make you stronger and stand out from the rest.
In every arena, the player is anticipated to possess fantastically developed opponents United Nations agency can bite by bit adapt to the assorted actions of your character. And to win the rostrum you’ll do your best, otherwise, you can begin the take a look at from the terribly starting. Dozens of types of various and well-crafted weapons which will carry chaos into the ranks of your enemies. In your arsenal are going to be everything: from stick fight and quiet, however extraordinarily effective shurikens, with serious rocket launchers and plasma cannons. And what’s going to happen if your opponent grabs the weapon before you? you’re unlikely to love it, thus concentrate, evade the attacks of the enemy Stickman and tear them to pieces!

Dodge the most dangerous obstacles you will encounter.
The strongest and the last survivor will be the winner. Perhaps it will be you?

Go ahead and fight! And let the strongest individual win!
Let’s enjoy Stick man game – 2018!

What new in version: 1.1!



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