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The Four : Battle for Stardom (also known as The Four) is an American reality television music competition , The show premiered on Fox on January 4, 2018

The Four is a singing competition that differs among similar talent competitions, in that there is no auditions stage. The artists, also known as the challengers, are held in the holding room before singing in front of a live studio audience and the judges. This panel of people in the music industry ultimately decides the best challengers that compete against “The Four”. Their decision must be unanimous. The members consist of vocalists of varying genres, and they must win challenges against new fellow artists to keep their seat and remain as a member of “The Four”. At the end of six weeks, the last singer standing among “The Four” wins the competition.

There are two distinct rounds in The Four. In the performances round, new challengers must earn their seat by performing in front of a live studio audience, the panel of judges and “The Four”. After the performance, the sentences then vote and make a “Yes” or “No” decision, signifying the challenger’s fate in the competition. If a challenger receives a unanimous four blue rings on stage (four “Yes” from the panel), they advance to the next round of the competition. A red ring given to the challenger signifies a “No”, ending his or her’s time in the competition. Artists who advance to the challenge round can compete against a member of “The Four” for their seat. In a sing-off style battle, the challenger and “The Four” member sing against each other for their seat. After the challenge, the studio audience then votes to decide which of the two should remain in the competition. The winner locks their seat for the rest of the night and can not be challenged again until the next episode.

* Artists :

Tim Johnson Jr.
Rell Jerv
Jason Warrior
Cheyenne Elliot
Candice Boyd
Saeed Renaud
Lex Lu
Ash Minor
Blair Perkins
Elanese Lansen
Tyler Griffin
Anthony Hill
Saeed Renaud
Valentina Cytrynowicz

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