Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps

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  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps
  • Travel Around Me: Drive & Tracking Maps


People travel around the world and explore live street places on daily basis according to their needs in their routine life. Travelling has increased the need of transport business. There are lots of factors affecting the trip to the destination. Time is money, As Timely reach to the meetings, Reach the office at fixed time and almost all the jobs and duties required scheduled timings. You can’t afford being late. Traffic issues, Transport issues, Drivers punctuality and lot of other matters are concerned while travelling.

Car booking services facilitated the customers and travelers to save the time and extra travel to the main bus stops. But there are lots of things that matters too while using car booking services. Money, waiting, cancellation charges, Out of services areas and hectic workings some times, are the main issues regarding car booking apps.

Here comes the economic solution. A ride sharing and carpooling like application Travel Around Me: Find Traveling Partner is offered with easy live navigation map. All the users (who installed this app), will be on the Live street view Map. All you need to send a message with your travelling details like destination. This Message will float in the application and anyone can pick the message and start chat.

For Example if you want to travel From Paris to Belgium or planning a trip to Germany from Frankfurt all you need to throw a message in the app. There are lot of people travel to these locations and want to share their travel expenses. You can engage them or they can have a chat with you instantly. An auto chat group will be created within the application interface for chat. Location of the users will be displayed so you can contact accordion to the distance.

How to Use
While opening the app, it will ask some permission for the first time, Allow to proceed
Signup by creating new account, Enter Email, Username and Password
Or you can login with your Facebook account (*Recommended*)
Enter Your profile information
Ask question if you want to Share your ride or want to travel with someone on the route.If you need a lift tell about your destination. Anyone going to that destination can pick you up freely.

Common Questions Might Raised in Mind
What are the Pickup and drop positions?
We just provided an interface for people traveling on same route to get connected. Travel Mates can decide the pickup and drop points.

What will be the Fare? And how it is exchanged?
Partners are free to decide it mutually before they start a journey. We leave it to them to decide the mean of money transfer. Pay cash or send money online with mutual understanding.

Can I share an auto/cab with other people?
Yes, App just connects people traveling on the same route. You may have chat with people around you on a map and decide mutually to travel in a bus, cab or private car booking service.

How to Travel with a stranger is Safe?
The travel is might be dangerous with the unknown. You can invite you friends in that area to join the app and feel safe to travel with them.

A simple and 100% working live rideshare application. If you own a car you can save your expenses by giving a ride to the person want to go to the same destination. We are delivering a ‘State of the Art’ application for ride sharing. It is a carpooling and share ride base android application for free. No service charges, No monthly / annual Subscriptions, No trial base (limited time free) temporary features, Access the full features free for life time.

Any Personal information Exchange is purely user’s Responsibility. For Detailed Permissions and how we use them, Must Read the Privacy Policy. By installing app and using its services, means you are agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Live Earth Maps Navigation Tracking